Who Makes Video Production Possible?

To put together a quality video production it takes a team, see our team at seattle video production.

Audio Mixer – The Audio Mixer is charge of recording good clean audio while on set, whether that be a single individual delivering a message to camera or several people walking in and out of a complicated shot. Optical metrology

Gaffer – The Gaffer is the chief lighting technician on set. They are in charge of working with the director of photography to practically implement his / her lighting design. They ensure the correct lighting fixtures, power and all the needed accessories are available and where they need to be.

Key Grip / Swing – On a large set, there are several grips handling specific jobs, but on smaller corporate productions, there is generally one individual who takes care of all camera and lighting rigging and general power needs. This is the Key Grip / Swing. Swing meaning; they ‘swing’ between rigging and electrical work.

Hair / Make-Up – This individual makes the on-screen talent look they’re absolute best.

Teleprompter Operator – The teleprompter operator runs the teleprompter, which allows on-screen talent to read a script while looking directly into camera. The teleprompter is mounted on the camera lens and is operated through a laptop.

Other crew members might include a set builder, art director, assistant camera person for complex camera setups, jib operator for sweeping camera moves, dolly grip for moving shots, production assistants for moving gear around and other odds and ends… and that just covers the production. Other teams work on your video from concept (writer, casting, locations) through post-production (editing, music, color correction, etc).

Navos – The Difference Between Life & Living from Sparkworks Media on Vimeo.

On small productions one person may wear many of these hats but rarely if ever can you find someone who can do everything themselves. This collaborative nature is part of what sets video production apart. As the production gets larger and a greater level of complexity (and sometimes quality) is required, specialists take on each role. The production company and producer you work with will help you navigate the various options and help build a production plan that is right for you and your project. Contact us

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